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  1. James, Good to see you on TOS MyTrade. My wife and I are retired IMB SBC missionaries and served in East Asia, mostly China, for 32 years.

    I’ve been trading for a few years with some good ups and downs but want to focus on high probability/low risk trades. I’ve done Iron Condors in the past but with the low VIX those are not good trades right now. I’m very interested in learning more about butterflies and other types of vertical trades to control the risk. Any help with the best way to set such trades is appreciated. Our desire is to provide regular support with limited time involvement in trading in order to leave more time for ministry. Many thanks! Larry

  2. Larry

    Thank you so much for answering the call to go into the mission field! I appreciate your dedication to taking the Gospel into the world. My blessings and gratitude to you and your spouse!

    I am going back to doing high probability trades on $RUT and $SPX like I did earlier on in my trading career. I took a side route doing closer to the money, closer to expiration spreads on stocks and ETFs and found I did not have time (nor the stomach) for those types of trades. Those trades were a drain on my time and attention, which I needed to devote to my ministry and my family.

    Why don’t you send me a private e-mail to james@victoryoptions.com. I can give you a list of the Iron Condor adjustments I am compiling for my own “trading toolkit”.

    And, yes, the VIX is low, but remember, you can still trade Iron Condors. You just need volatility to stay the same or go lower.

    The VIX can go lower than we think, and stay that way. Look at 2004-2006.



  3. Raised in Concordia Kansas just south of you. I’ve been in a ministry family with parents and as well my grandparents pastors, as well. They’ve all made the trip to glory.

    Discovered this fun and exciting TOS world recently and am brand new to options but am learning as I have the time. Living in Georgia but serving God and helping out happens everywhere.

    Just makin contact

    1. Good to hear from you. TOS is a great platform. Lately I’ve really settled on trading 30-40 DTE iron condors in higher volatility / liquid products. I try to stay neutral to slightly bearish in my options portfolio. TOS has good education and I really like Tasty Trade. Hit me up here or on MyTrade if you want to share a trade idea.
      God bless!

  4. James,

    Saw your blog site listed on My Trade on the TOS and thought I check it out as well. BTW, love your daily devotional passages.

    I see you are from the Omaha area. I work for the Air Force (Civilian -Environmental Engineer with 20 years of service) near the St. Louis, but on the Illinois side of the river. I get over to the Omaha area every now and then as on of my bases is Offutt AFB. I was there back in September. Really love the area!

    Thanks for your reply back to me in My Trade on TOS! Totally agree that iron condors with the low vol are not good trades right now. Looking forward to see what double diagonals you come up with.

    Really enjoy the dialog with a fellow Lutheran trader. And yes, in the trading world, we Lutherans definitely have to stay together. Will look to pass along any good trades I see as well. Here’s to making money together in 2014!

    God Bless,

    1. Kerry – Good to hear from you. I see you are on Twitter as well.

      Send me an e-mail when you are in the Omaha area. Perhaps we can get together and talk faith and trading. I don’t find many other Christians in options trading, so we have to stick together.


      God’s blessings to you as well.


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