My Purpose and Principles

My Purpose

Today, I will add value to my world by:
+ Growing in deep and Godly wisdom
+ Living comfortably in my own skin (congruent with how God has uniquely created me),
+ Practicing integrity (living above reproach) and . . .
+ Communicating what I believe and feel.
All this is done dei gratia.

‘Dei gratia’ (Latin, “by God’s grace”) — all of life, sustenance, power, and hope are found in God’s unmerited bestowal of favor upon the undeserving.

My Six Life Principles

1. I live more wisely today than yesterday through learning, reflection, and self examination.
2. I live an organized personal and professional life, using my time efficiently and wisely.
3. I live confidently in my abilities as a leader, leveraging my talents and standing up for my personal ‘rights’
4. I develop significant relationships with those who are important to me.
5. I live a healthy and fit lifestyle, exercising regularly and eating healthy and sensibly.
6. I manage and grow our family financial resources responsibly to achieve lifestyle freedom and flexibility.

My Personal Affirmations

1. It’s acceptable for me to verbalize how I’m feeling about a situation, especially if I’m feeling pressured or uncomfortable. “I feel uncomfortable in this situation right now,” or “I feel tired and want to go home.” I have a right to stop a course of action if it does not feel right to me.

2. I am allowed to scrimp on the small stuff, as long as I splurge on the big stuff. For example, buying off brand Gummie Worms will enable me to take a vacation to Jamaica. I have to have the courage to take the vacation, if I don’t, then I am being cheap and miserly.

3. I will not let feelings of embarrassment prohibit me from being vulnerable with those I love and sharing my feelings with them.

4. I control food. It does not control me. “We must eat just enough to keep us fit, and a little less than will keep us fat.” (E. Stanley Jones)

5. When I am feeling unmotivated or anxious about preparing a sermon for Sunday, I tend to procrastinate and let my focus wander. My level of productivity goes down. If I keep my preparation within a 5 hour creativity time zone, I tend to feel better about my work and energized for the rest of the day and week.

6. I am most creative and effective when I bring my unique perpective and personality to bear on my ministry and life. How can I be different today?

+ “In order to be irreplaceable, one must always be different.” — Coco Chanel, quoted in the London Daily Mail.

7. I find it deeply satisfying to analyze the symptoms of a situation, identify what is wrong, and find the solution.

8. Saying “Thank you” to others and personally recognizing their support, efforts and sacrifices in service of our share cause is one of my most important jobs.

9. I see the potential in others and want to help them experience success by encouraging and gently challenging them. These signs of growth in others bring me energy, strength and satisfaction.

10. When I do what I love, inspires me, and energizes me then financial supply and blessings follow.

11. I’m efficient and effective with my time, focusing on the task at hand. I am confident about getting my work done.

12. My legacy will not come from the things I accumulate but the relationships I develop with my family, friends and other important people.

13. I tend to approach life and ministry as a sprint. In reality, it is more like a marathon with times of sprinting. I give myself freedom to sprint hard in my work when it is appropriate. I also give myself permission to reduce the speed and live and work at a marathon pace.

2 thoughts on “My Purpose and Principles

  1. Well I sincerely enjoyed studying it. This facts procured by you is very efficient for accurate planning. I was seeking this singular the other day. I do not ordinarily post within forums but i needed to say thank you!

  2. James,

    I was looking for a New Years resolution and I found more than enough in your life priciples and personal affirmations. Hope you do not mind me using you as a sounding board as I devote myself to some of them.

    Brothers in Christ,

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